07/01/20 YellowStone National Park Trip

11/24/19 Costa Rica Trip

08/30/19 Portland Trip

07/04/19 Lassen Volcanic National Park Trip

05/19/19 Peru Documentary

04/07/19 10 Moments in NYC & DC

11/21/18 Colorado Trip

5/23/18 Mexico Trip

6/30/17 Las Vegas/Grand Canyon Trip

5/26/17 San Diego Trip

12/9/16 Hawaii Trip

11/24/16 Lake Tahoe Trip


Color Changing Cake


Right now I spend most of my spare time under classical ballet training. My training started on Feb 2017.

WorldWideBallet01 – Paquita in Peru

Dancing my way through our trip in Peru.

WorldWideBallet02 – Little Swans in Costa Rica

WorldWideBallet03 – Silver Fairy Variation in Yellow Stone NP

White Haired Girl – 2017 Annual Performance

My very first ballet solo on stage, after one year training.

Paquita Dress Rehearsal 2X speed – just for fun

Self study, 2 weeks before the performance.

Dirty Work on Sunday Series

Just some self-practice on Sundays.....

Ballet Magic Annual Party Backstage

Backstage for the annual party in Hangzhou, China. Jan 2019.