11/24/19 Costa Rica Trip

10/02/19 Honolulu Trip

08/30/19 Portland Trip

07/04/19 Lassen Volcanic National Park Trip

05/19/19 Peru Documentary

04/07/19 10 Moments in NYC & DC

11/21/18 Colorado Trip

5/23/18 Mexico Trip

6/30/17 Las Vegas/Grand Canyon Trip

5/26/17 San Diego Trip

12/9/16 Hawaii Trip

11/24/16 Lake Tahoe Trip


Color Changing Cake


Right now I spend most of my spare time under classical ballet training. My training started on Feb 2017.

Little Swans in Costa Rica

Dancing my way through our trip in Costa Rica.

Ballet in Portland

My dancing experience when I was traveling in Portland, OR

Paquita in Peru

Dancing my way through our trip in Peru.

White Haired Girl – 2017 Annual Performance

My very first ballet solo on stage, after one year training.

Paquita Dress Rehearsal 2X speed – just for fun

Self study, 2 weeks before the performance.

Dirty Work on Sunday Series

Just some self-practice on Sundays.....

Ballet Magic Annual Party Backstage

Backstage for the annual party in Hangzhou, China. Jan 2019.