Ballet Academy East

Open class from Rosanna Serevalli.

1. Pull up from the spine. It’s not go front or back, it’s go UP. One can only tell you verbally, and there is no way to show you unless you find it yourself.

2. “We take 14 classes a week, just to find the feeling of going up in one class. It’s so hard. Easier to say, hard to do.”

3. Work hard but not too hard. More is not good, less is not good, you need to find just right.

4. Execute passe is easy, produce passe is hard.

5. Good fifth position makes sure you have your weight centered. So always do exactly fifth position.

Pointe class

1. Not too close to the barre. Hands on first position and put hands on the barre – that’s your position.

2. Left feet can push more on pointe – a little not enough.

3. Echappe is when you tendu to the side, and then releve – that’s echappe. No small second position pls.

4. Why not spotting???

5. An interesting combination: right foot back. Right foot up passe, land fifth with right foot front. Left foot up passe, land fourth with right foot back. Back foot tendu, pirouette. The logic for this, is you’d rather fall forward than fall back. Bc if you fall forward, you can save it by doing a chase en tournant, but if you fall back, there is nothing you can do.

Rosanna is very strict with the quality of movement. She didn’t see anything tough, but when she sit there and looked at you, you feel the pressure.

But I still feel happy that I got some “good” from her as comments during the technical class.

Trip in New York…

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